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Have You Got Into Cold Brew Yet?

Lemon ginger ColdBrew

We've mastered the perfect method for making refreshing iced tea: the cold brew!

Super popular for coffee, the same principles apply to tea. Cold brewing/steeping your tea brings out the natural sweetness - especially for teas featuring fruit - and does not release the bitter tannins which tend to require a fair bit of sweetening when drinking your tea cold. U
nlike a hot steep, it's very difficult to over-steep a cold brew, so the simplicity of this method is magic for busy summer schedules.

Ready to try it? Here's our favourite cold brew of the moment! 

🍹Easy Peasy Green Lemon Ginger Iced Tea 🍋

Delicious? Check!   Refreshing? Check!   SO Easy? Check!   Here's what you'll need: 

Got your supplies? Let's do this!
  1. Use 2 tsp tea to each cup of water. I throw the leaves right in to the bottom of one of the pitchers.
  2. Add cool water to the pitcher.
  3. Stick the pitcher/jar into the fridge for 5-24 hours. I find 12+ hours is perfect.
  4. Hold your strainer over the second pitcher and pour the first pitcher through to separate the leaves from your cold brew. 
  5. Serve over ice with a lemon wedge, and sweeten to taste. PRO TIP: Sweetening with Simple Syrup works like a charm!

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