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Our First Blends!

They're here! They're ready! They're delicious!

(!Exclamation marks!)

After careful blending, and tasting, and more blending, and more tasting...and then tasting with friends, we're pleased to say that our first six tea blends are ready to hop in your tea pot! 

Black Teas: 

1. Lavender Earl Grey Black Tea
2. Vanilla Mint Black Tea

Green Tea

3. Green Lemon Ginger


4. Herbal Lemon Ginger
5. Lavender Mint


6. Mint Chocolate Cake

Our philosophy to blending tea in Winter 2018 has pretty much been ALL LAVENDER ALL PEPPERMINT EVERYTHING. It’s been glorious!  

Please browse our full collection and order some online for delivery straight to your door!

We can't wait to hear what you think. 

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