How To: Make Iced Tea [VIDEO]

We’ve got to admit, we were once intimidated by making iced tea. Turns out it’s just as easy as making hot tea once you know how! So, let’s take on two simple methods. Ready?

We use this for green and black teas because the leaves don’t release nearly as many tannins - the compounds that make tea bitter - in cold water. We often find this iced tea doesn’t need sweetener!

  1. Using a ratio of 1 tsp tea to 1 cup water, add tea leaves to a container - a mason jar is perfect
  2. Fill it up with cold water, put the lid on, and pop it in the fridge for 6-12 hours - or overnight
  3. Ready to get refreshed? Put your tea strainer into a glass and pour the contents of your jar straight through it. Cleanup as usual. NBD, right?!


We like this for white and herbal teas, or making a big ol’ pitcher of any tea. We've made a handy-dandy video of this method for you to check out below!

  1. Boil water and make a strong pot of tea; 2 tsp tea to 1 cup of water and steep at least 10 mins. PRO TIP: scoop some sugar right on top of your tea leaves so it dissolves easily in the hot water!
  2. Add some ice to a pitcher and pour your super-concentrated tea elixir through your strainer right over the ice. Cleanup as usual. DONE!

Happy steeping!

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