Collection: Iced Tea

Cool down and get refreshed with home made iced tea! Here are the things we love about it. 

1. It's way easier to make than you expect it to be. Here's a 35 second demo of how to easily make iced tea at home with a french press! 

2. It's delicious and versatile! Much like a glass of wine, tea has depth, nuance, natural tannin and bitterness. You can sweeten it, go unsweetened, mix it with lemonade, or your favourite sprit. The possibilities are endless, and it's never boring.

3. It's healthy! Iced Tea has only as much sugar as you choose to add, there are no artificial flavours or colours, plus there are the benefits from the steeped herbs, spices, and fruit in your mug. 

Here are our collection of refreshing and wickedly delicious Iced Teas!