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Hello, nice to meet you!

I’m Shannon, the CSO (Chief Steeping Officer) here at The Valley Alchemist Tea Co.

I come up with the blends, package tea, fill orders, do deliveries, and muck around with the website. Basically, there’s nothing here my hands aren’t steeped in!

I started blending tea out of a love for drinking it, coupled with a passion for food and interesting flavour profiles.

I turned it into a business because I want you to find something that transforms your simple cup of tea into something extraordinary.

I’m inspired to keep on keepin' on because this amazing community says really nice things about how much they enjoy drinking our tea!

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We believe tea is so much more than a bag of orange pekoe. It’s a sophisticated elixir with nuance, depth and complexity. It’s an afternoon indulgence, and a morning energizer. It keeps you cozy on a cold wintery day, and it refreshes you in the middle of a summer heat wave. It’s magical - and we know that not all teas are created equal.

In a category loaded with bold health claims, additives and sugars we are determined to create a company that reflects how our generation drinks tea. We offer high quality, pure teas, in wickedly fun flavours. We are all about guilt-free pleasure in your mug (or glass).


Rainforest Alliance

Majority of our tea leaves, fruit, and flower petals are Rainforest Alliance Certified. The Rainforest Alliance, while not necessarily organic, audits organizations for all three pillars of sustainability - social, economic, and environmental. 


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In addition to our lines of loose leaf teas, we aim to support other women and family-owned businesses. When you make a purchase from our store, you’re supporting families, rural communities, artists and makers. You’re also making a bunch of small business owners really, really happy!

We want to make it ridiculously fun and easy for you to discover delicious, high-quality tea from the comfort of your home. That's where our monthly subscription, The Alchemist's Tea Crate comes in.


One of the key reasons we’re committed to loose leaf tea is that it’s a lower-waste format; from single-layer retail packaging, to zero micro-plastics in your drink.

We love reusable stainless steel strainers for making our tea, but if you prefer the convenience of bagged tea, we offer 100% compostable and biodegradable infuser bags. These can go straight in your backyard compost or municipal green bin when you’re finished with them.

When it comes to shipping our orders, we use cardboard boxes and envelopes, and are in the process of moving to paper packing tape to ensure leftover plastics don’t get our boxes differed to the landfill. We also re-use boxes and packing materials for fragile items to make sure everything has multiple lives.

We’re constantly evaluating the waste we produce, and the materials we use, looking for ways to improve. The perfect solutions are not always available (yet), but we’re committed to making progress while we strive for perfection.


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