COVID-19 Safe-Tea

Tea is a choice you can feel confident about during these uncertain times.

When it comes to blending and packing your tea, we have always used food grade sanitizer to clean our work surfaces, and practiced diligent hand washing. Our policy is to follow the following procedure: 

  1. Sanitize our work surface
  2. Wash hands before pulling out our blending equipment, tools and ingredients
  3. Wash hands again and put on mask
  4. Get down to business!

While we always wore a mask when making chai and other ginger teas because of how awful spice dust up the nose feels, we're now wearing a mask anytime we deal directly with ingredients, and on all retail deliveries where we go indoors. Hand sanitizer is kept in our vehicle as well. 


Enjoy your cup of tea, and please contact us if you have any questions about our policies and procedures. 

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