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Learn all about tea with us

Tea is not just for sipping!

Look beyond your teacup at six unique ways you can infuse tea into your every day life!

Spill the tea

What are Natural and Artificial Flavours?

Just about every food item seems to include natural or artificial flavours. Have you ever wondered exactly what that means, and what they are?

what is black tea?

What is Black Tea?

In the Western world the word ‘Tea’ is almost synonymous with Black Tea. But what is black tea anyway?

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what is green tea?

What is Green Tea?

Everyone is surprised the first time they learn that green tea comes from the exact same leaf as black tea. What makes it different?

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what is herbal tea

What is Herbal Tea?

Naturally caffeine free, delicious and comforting. Learn all about Herbal Tea - including what the difference between Herbal Tea and Tisane  is - here!

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what is rooibos?

What is Rooibos?

This is not a 'true' tea. It’s actually an herb (called Aspalathus Linearis) from the legume family! How did it become known as a 'tea'?

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what is white tea?

What is White Tea?

Have you guessed yet? Yep, it's the very same shrub your Black and Green teas come from! Want to know what makes White Tea unique?

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what is earl grey?

What is Earl Grey?

It's the fourth most popular tea in the world, and no one knows for sure where it came from. Learn the history and mystery of this beloved tea!

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how to make loose leaf tea?

How To: Make Tea with a Reusable Tea Strainer [VIDEO]

We love our tea strainers - they're the best option around. Here are 5 easy-peasy steps to making tea with a reusable strainer.


How To: Make Iced Tea [VIDEO]

We’ve got to admit, we were once intimidated by making iced tea. Turns out it’s just as easy as making hot tea once you know how!

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