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Discover the World’s Most Enchanting Teas

Tea Crate tea subscription 

The Tea Crate is a monthly sampler of our bestselling and newest blends of tea. It's a magically affordable luxury, delivered straight to you every month, from October to March.

Join our coven of tea mavens and you’ll discover the world’s most enchanting teas directly through your mailbox. 

What's inside The Tea Crate?

1. Four hand-selected, themed blends of loose leaf tea
2. Enough tea for about 20 steeps
3. 10 paper infuser bags for those lazy steeps (we all have them!)
4. Tasting notes about each blend, and how they relate to the central theme (hope you like fun trivia!)
5. 10% off in the tea shop with a members-only discount code

The Tea Crate ships monthly from October to March.

Visit our FAQ for all the nitty gritty about The Tea Crate.
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    Your tea should arrive the first week of the month!

    Steep and Enjoy!

    Your tea box includes enough tea for at least 4 cups a week!

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    You may cancel anytime via link in your confirmation email or by logging into your account.


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