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The Alchemist's Tea Crate of Resolutions, January 2021

The Alchemist's Tea Crate of Resolutions, January 2021

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The Alchemist’s Tea Crate is a themed subscription box of teas including:

  • Four hand-selected blends of loose leaf tea (an assortment of black, green, herbal, white, or oolong)
  • Enough tea for about 30 steeps (roughly 1 cup a day)
  • 10 infuser bags for when you just can’t with your strainer
  • Card with details about each blend, tasting notes, and their connection to the central theme

The January 2021 Tea Crate includes the following teas: 

1. Hangover Helper, Herbal TeaParty too hard? WE FEEL YOU. Here's the perfect remedy. Light vegetal notes, ginger to soothe your stomach and hints of sweet beet. If what you really need is a little hair o' the dog, steep it strong and pour it over ice with a splash of vodka!

2. Detox & Revive, Herbal Tea: The ingredients in this mighty herbal blend are a who's-who of cleansing herbs. A naturally sweet, fruity cup with ginger in the finish. Restore some balance to that worn out bod, why don't ya?

3. Golden Peach, Organic Black TeaTurmeric and ginger are powerful anti-inflammatories and you want to get them into you! Combined with peach and high antioxidant organic black tea leaves, they're also insanely delicious. 

4. Give it a Rest, Herbal TeaThis cup of tea has just the right elements to help you relax and get ready for a good night sleep - camomile, apple, valerian root, peppermint and lemon balm. Sweet dreams!

The Alchemist's Tea Crate is $20/month by subscription (including HST and shipping), or you can purchase this one-time box for $20 + shipping (if applicable) while they last.

Join our coven of tea mavens and you’ll discover the world’s most enchanting teas directly through your mailbox and 10% off website purchases with your own membership code!

CLICK HERE for more details on how The Alchemist's Tea Crate subscription works.

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